Rob & Melissa

When I first saw Melissa, she was around the side of her lakeside cabin, sitting with a long time friend, and hiding from her groom.


“I have simple taste, and I just want beautiful photos” is what she told me. As I looked around at the incredible rustic decor her family had spent all week creating, I knew that she would get just that.



Rob was around the other side of the cabin, with all of his family, anxiously awaiting the bridal party to clear the house so that he and his crew could get ready. He was sporting a blue cast on his arm, a product of his hard work preparing the lakeside gazebo just a few weeks before, but his smile told me that the cast would not keep him down that day.


“We have waited so long for this.” -Rob

Cue the music.


While the groom’s party made their way to the gazebo, I watched the bridal party peek from around the deck, and then as each lady walked gracefully down the path, across the yard, and down the aisle.

Then the bride’s turn. {Right as she started to walk, the sun came out from behind the clouds, and made the perfect warm glow behind her!)


When Rob’s eyes met Melissa’s, I heard tears and sniffles from almost every guest. (And, I wasn’t excluded from the sniffling.) As Rob had mentioned earlier, they had waited so long for this.



Finally united in marriage, it was time to celebrate!


Now, what would a lakeside wedding be without a ceremonial boat ride? The wedding party cruised around the lake, with music playing and celebratory cheers. The highlight was watching Rob and Melissa sing to each other, as the whole wedding party joined in for a chorus of Bobby McGee.


Even the freshly groomed Moses had decided to cool off in the lake!


The reception area was beautifully decorated with burlap, lace, lights, and floral, and the smell of fresh-baked pie wafted through the room.


_mg_1383_mg_1405_mg_1427_mg_1438_mg_1224 (1)_mg_1478_mg_1463_mg_0091_mg_0097

The side yard had been turned into the dance floor, lined with lights, and before the DJ could even announce the first dance, the bride and groom owned it!

{Ladies, get yourself a man that looks at you the way Rob looked at Melissa! Such love!}


Mr. and Mrs. Fiene kept the dancing alive with their perfectly coordinated moves! (I see now where Rob gets his dancing from!) _mg_1913

And the dancing continued through the night.



Thank you again to Rob and Melissa, we wish you years of bliss!

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