Scott & Chelsea Are Engaged


Any Disney fans out there? If so, then you guys are going to love Scott and Chelsea’s story. These two kept me laughing the entire session.


I told Scott right from the start, that to get some more natural images, he would have to make Chelsea laugh. “Challenge accepted.”  {He does a perfect impression of Flynn Rider’s “Smolder” from Tangled!}


On Scott and Chelsea’s first date, they talked for hours over coffee. Chelsea said she was so captivated by Scott, that she didn’t check her phone the entire time and had her family worried! Fittingly, when it was time for Scott to propose, he took her back to the place that started it all – Tim Horton’s. He created this little adventure book full of images they had taken over the course of their relationship {Inspired by the movie ‘Up!’} and when he opened to the last page, Chelsea’s ring was waiting.  {Way to go, Scott. Tears!}


This couple didn’t need much posing direction, because they were constantly smiling, laughing, and clinging closely to each other. You can feel the connection they have in the way they look at each other.


Driving into our location, I had spotted these trees that would be perfect for utilizing Scott’s guitar in some of their images. We made it our last stop of the session, giving us perfect golden light, and even though he sang a few verses of  “Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife” {Tim Hawkins}, she said she was still willing to marry him.






We wrapped up their session with a little dancing, as the sun dipped just below the tree line. My job never feels like work with such wonderful couples to work with.


Scott and Chelsea, thank you for choosing Massie Photography to capture this sweet time in your lives. We are looking forward to your wedding in the Spring!

{Friends and Family, ask Scott and Chelsea for the private password to view their full gallery here.}

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