Shawn & Kindra {Married}

A lakeside cabin, a bride and a groom, and their families. Warm weather, a boat ride, and a perfectly executed Maid of Honor speech {that included the flinging of notecards at the groom – in a loving way, of course.} The bride wore teal converse shoes, the bridesmaids had perfectly mismatched leggings,  and the wedding party was truly a {party} the entire day. There were so many awesome details from the Ruff wedding, that I could spend all day writing. So I will just let the images do the talking.

{Don’t miss the ice cream truck at the reception, and the bride’s grandfather stealing the show on the dance floor!}

Thank you to Shawn and Kindra for allowing us to be part of such a special time in your lives. We had a blast celebrating with you! {#ForeverRuff}



{Friends and Family of the bride and groom: the {full gallery} will be available online for private viewing next week, after Shawn and Kindra have had a chance to see it! You can request the password from them, to see many more images, including the reception guests, dancing, and family/group shots. Thank you!}



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