Prints In A Digital Age: 3 Things To Consider

You’ve had your session, and now it’s time to enjoy your images. But what does that look like for you? I see it now – at a family gathering, someone asks you about those sneak peaks that they saw on Social Media. They ask you if you have more. “Of course! Let me go get my laptop, and find that USB drive… it’s in a drawer in my office, somewhere, I think…” Or, you pull it up on a gallery on your tiny phone screen to show off those prized images.

As a photographer, giving my clients tangible items is so much more than just a sale. When my clients see their online galleries, they are happy. But when they hold their images in their hands, see the quality of the work, and hang it on their walls, it is a special moment. Photographers are artists, and want their work to be represented the way they envisioned it from the first click of the shutter. In today’s digital age, so many people are flocking to social media alone to share their memories. Though this is a great resource in many ways, things are shared so quickly, that images are often shared and then forgotten.

Here are my top three reasons why I, as a photographer, believe you should get your images printed:

  1. How often do you really pull out those digital files, anyway?

You receive your USB drive, with all your session’s images on it. You throw it in a drawer in your office, and forget that it’s there. Or, you download all the images from your online gallery, save them in some folder on your hard drive, and forget about them that way too. All too often, clients just get digital files, with the intention of printing them themselves. But let’s be honest – how many prints did you actually get, if any? And, what sort of quality were they?

Professional photographers know what it means to color correct their images, both for print and screen. Their monitors are calibrated to show accurate colors, and take time to ensure all of their images are consistently edited to give you the highest quality. So, why would you trust your local superstore instant-print kiosk to give you that same quality?

Professional prints straight from your photographer may run you a higher dollar amount, but you will appreciate the high quality that you get in return, along with the peace of mind that your images will look perfect once they are on display.


2. You will see your prints every day, and enjoy them all the more: 

Wedding and engagement photos are beautiful additions to a family home. They signify the start of a life together, a future being built as two people share their lives under one roof. You order a large gallery wrap, and hang that beautiful, bright image in an entryway or in your master bedroom. Each morning, as you head your separate ways, off to work and into the busy-ness of life, you catch a glimpse of this moment frozen in time, and are reminded of the love that brought you together in the first place.

{Seeing my own photos each morning, as I roll out of bed, still brings a smile to my face – and we will be celebrating six years of marriage this summer!}


3. Social Media is ever-changing, but your prints are frozen moments in time:

Facebook, Instagram, and all those other sites are excellent tools to stay connected with your friends and family. They are even great for us photographers to share our work and keep up with our clients – but in this fast paced society, so many images are posted, “Liked,” and then forgotten. {Maybe you get a few comments, too. But is that the same as Grandma complimenting your photos when she comes over for dinner next week?}

PRINT YOUR IMAGES – and let them give you butterflies as you are taken back (say, to that moment your big sister zipped up your dress and you were now ready to walk down the aisle to see your groom). (Insert all the heart eyes!!)

{Just remember to keep those digitals as backups! 😉 }




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